Friday, February 26, 2010

Craft Space Organization - Results!

Well it took almost 6 week to really be "completed" but my craft space organization is complete. 


What a difference some wall shelves and a hutch can make! I did this entire re-vap for under $200, and I spaced it out so it wouldn't shock my checking account too much.

I now have dedicated sewing, crafting, and photography spaces built in to my work area. I also have easy access to my tools and materials, that are sorted into bins and stored in the hutch and on the shelves. 

I'm now much more inspired to get crafting!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tutorial - Paper Covered Pencils

Although I love all my digital conveniences, nothing beats a piece of paper and pencil for jotting down ideas or sketching out an illustration. Personalize this often over-looked office supply with this quick and satisfying craft.
• Mod-Podge
• Paint brush
• Pencils
• Decorative Paper
• Cup of water
• Medium weight decorative paper (I used this paper from my shop.)
Step 1 - Cut your decorative paper into 1 5/8" x  7" strips. This gives you enough over lap around the pencil  and a bit extra on the end.
Step 2 - Using your brush lightly wet both sides of your paper strip with water. This makes it more pliable and easier to wrap around the pencil.
Step 3 -  Brush a thin layer of Mod-Podge onto a pencil.
Step 4 - Gently stick the paper onto the pencil by rolling it on your work surface.
Step 5 - Brush more Mod-Podge onto the paper as you roll. Make sure you cover all of the paper's edges and ends well with Mod-Podge.
Step 6 - Coat the outside with a final layer of Mod-Podge (I swear, I'm not getting paid by Mod-Podge.) 
Step 7 - Set the pencils to dry by propping them up in a glass cup or jar. Let them dry over night.
Step 8 - Cut away any excess paper at the end with a sharp exacto blade.
Step 9 - Sharpen and get writing!