Monday, January 4, 2010

Working on Step Two SORTING - Organization Update

Well, I've managed to make a giant mess and I've gotten a bunch of stuff pulled out to donate and toss.  Here's the (embarrassing) photo documenting I promised.


Crazy messy drawers.

As I've been going a long I'm keep a list of things I'm going to need to get my stuff in order:
• Thread organizer
• Wall shelves
• Some kind of peg board storage w/ hooks
• Book shelf
• Bins, baskets etc
• Table for sewing machine and serger

Since I figured that it'd be nice to take a break from the chaos, I'll be back tomorrow with a new craft tutorial!

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  1. Hi!!! u have cute blog! i have to organize mi craft room too.
    this is my blog i hope u can visit.

    Karo :) México