Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Craft Space Organization - Step 3

I've finished all of my sorting! Yay! I filled a garbage bag with junk and another box with stuff to donate to the Goodwill. I was amazed at some of the stuff I'd been hanging onto. I found extra buttons from clothes that I got rid of years ago and some fabric scraps that were so ugly I don't know why I had them in the first place.

That means I'm ready for Step 3: A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING
One of the reasons why my craft space is such a mess is because I don't have a real place for things. My tools and projects tend to migrate from a drawer to the desk to the floor depending on what I'm currently working on. My goal is to have a real spot for all of my stuff.

This is when things get fun. Now I have a reason to get new storage bins/boxes and even maybe some new furniture to get organized. I'll update soon with some quick and easy ways to get your stuff in order!

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