Thursday, December 31, 2009

Retro Kitchen Calendar Wall Hanging

Happy New Year! In honor of my first blog post I’m posting a fresh new calendar idea to help ring in 2010. This is a quick and easy project was inspired by a few of my favorite vintage tea towels. There’s something really satisfying about having a neat little calendar in you kitchen and it will come in handy too.

You Need
Calendar art (click to download)
One iron on transfer sheet for light fabric
Large scrap of light color woven fabric (I use muslin)
Ribbon for hanging
2 unsharpened pencils
Contrast colored thread
Sharp fabric scissors

Following the manufacturer instructions, print the artwork on the the iron on transfer sheet - remember that you will need to reverse the image! You may need to resize the image to get it to fit your pencils. Mine were 7 1/2" long so that is how wide I made my artwork.

Following the manufacturer instructions, iron the transfer onto the fabric being sure to follow the grain line of the fabric.

Let the fabric cool completely before you handle it. Measure and mark 2" above and below the top and bottom doted line. Cut out just on the inside of the dotted line on the sides and on the line you drew at the top and bottom.

Fold and press each end 5/8" and then 5/8" again towards the wrong side of the fabric. Make sure that the folded edge goes past the dotted line on the front.
From the top side stitch the folded ends down using the doted line as a guide. This creates the tubes for the pencils to fit in. Attach the ribbon by placing it on the back side and stitching over dotted line.

Use a wide zig-zag stitch to finish off the sides of the fabric. While stitching the needle should go just over the side of the fabric.

Thread the pencils through the pockets at the top and bottom and your done. Hang your new calendar in a handy spot and pour yourself a glass of champagne!


  1. Miriam - thanks so much for this lovely calendar for 2010! I love RETRO and this makes me feel like I'm back in my grandmother's kitchen! Lynne

  2. Thanks Lynne! I'm glad it brings back nice memories.